Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying it for real.

Well it is about time I see if I can put some of this experimenting to use on an actual assignment. So I did a head study for a novel cover I am working on.

One thought that occurred to me was that you should never be too married to anything in your art. The initial drawing of this is just like taking notes for me. I wasn't happy with the rough sketch, but I knew I would fix it as I went, not treat it like it was sacred. Anything can change and we shouldn't be scared to change it no matter how far along we are. As you will see in
the steps, I hated something about this piece and redid it even though I was pretty far along.

I say this because in illustration work, I use to feel like, once the sketch was approved, I was locked in, I'd just paint it and not alter the foundation, even if it was flawed.

"Well the AD liked it, so it must be OK!"

Shut that voice up. He's wrong. Trust your gut. If it bugs you fix it.


  1. Wonderful! I like the steps.

  2. Whaaaaaaat. I'm reading through your blog from the beginning and I didn't think I had ever seen your blog until now. Until I just found my comment from half a year ago haha.