Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mr. Ogre's Sweater

Mr. Ogre's Sweater

Still playing with digital watercolor. This time I used a combination of techniques. One of which was a suggestion from the awesome Lars Grant West, which was to make my shadow shape with the lasso tool like usual, but then when it is on a new layer, darken it AND use the ‘inner shadow’ layer style, set to zero distance to get that edge pooling effect.

But I also used the technique described in ‘21 experiment’ of just darkening the edge of puddle shapes by contracting the selection of the shape 1-5 pixels, feathering in about 3 pixels, selecting inverse and using brightness/contrast to darken just the edge of the puddle/shadow. The nice thing about this is the dark edge is actual and not a filter, so you can erase parts of it, which is harder with ‘inner shadow’.

Plus I used some p-shop brushes this time as well.

Here you can see my ball point drawing on top 
of the scanned toned watercolor paper in photoshop.

Close up of Mr. Ogre's handsome face. 
Here you can see layers of shapes a little clearer.



  1. So glad to see you blogging Scott!

    Love Ogre's Christmas sweater. So, out of curiosity... why the lasso, shadow, fx layer thingy technique? Seems a bit complicated and counter intuitive than just painting in the form with brushes using Painter & Photoshop. Just wondering the thought process is all.

    Cant wait to see what you bring to the blogosphere. Should we expect an epic Gurney Journey daily update amount of posts? Loved your contribution to the God of Mars and have been enjoying Teresa's paintings on Facebook. You guys are really firing on all cylinders. Rock on!

  2. Thanks Dom! Lockwood says I should just use Painter too. My last real Painter experience was Painter 5 I think. (Though I played with 9 a bit.) Been a while.

    But these days I think so much in shapes and layers it is almost more natural for me to work this way. But I bet if I spent some time in Painter I might change my toon!