Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painting with one click. (Sort of)

I saw a killer portrait of Snoop done by the amazing 
Jeremy Lipking, and got inspired. (Though Jeremy had a much 
better likeness than me.) The point here was to get jiggy 
with some textures, not test my lacking portrait skills.

I guess the technique to sort of highlight is that much of the painting you see was done with one click of textured brushes. 
I mean textures like someone spattered ink on a piece of paper 
and scanned the spatters as a brush.

I believe some creative person named Env1ro made these brushes. (THANKS!)

Now you could stroke with this sort of brush, and get some cool streakiness. (And I did that a bit.) But you can also do single clicks of a large version of these brushes, like big enough to cover an entire cheek with one click.

Then you can erase (or history brush) back into these 
single-click-shapes to get rid of the texture in areas. And dodge or burn it so there is travel.

This is as close as I can get to controlled chaos.

I did a bunch more stuff like my lasso too shapes, drawing, painting. In the end there is no one way to skin the cat, and using a variety of techniques rather than one, is a good way to make the image feel alive.

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  1. Where did you get the brushes though? Is this Photoshop or Painter? awesome work! I saw the article your wife posted today about your book covers. Very nice work!

    -Julia Lundman