Sunday, April 22, 2012


Historically, I think in spring, I feel more of a need to try new things. More than in other seasons. Something about the long winter (or maybe the 80 some odd pieces of art I did between Dec and Feb) make me want to break out now that I can breath again.

This one took the digital watercolor technique(s) pretty far. Even got some fake spatter and what almost looks like passages where the brush handle was dragged through the paint. (Which was done with a P-shop brush that looks just like it appears. With one click on the cheek area (and a few in the background.)
I am not sure who made the brush, but thanks!


But while it is all fun, I need to stop experimenting on these studies and put the technique to use on the assignment I am neglecting!


  1. So glad to see you starting a blog, Scott. Nice to know I can still get my dose of Fischer online even though I will be missing you at IMC this year. Wonderful Dragon.

    1. Wait no Kim at IMC!!! Say it isn't so!!!! It really will not be the same with out you Kim!