Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blazing into 2013

I am slack on my blog posts, but rest assured I am pumping out the art to kick off 2013! These are about 1/3 of the drawings for Scary School book 3 by Derek Taylor Kent. Due to hit the shelf this summer, so I better keep the ball point pen moving!


  1. Hey Scott do you always use ball pen? It is a favourite of mine, so just curious as to your methods, do you pencil first? Often I come up with something good and then struggle with how to transfer it, or bring it into a more completed piece.. and have several tomes of ball pen on smooth recycled paper, thats the best!!
    Anyway. .

    1. Hey Curt! I don't always use ballpoint, but do love it. These are done with Parker ballpoints, which I understand survive better than most drug-store ball points. I understand your plight about transfering the drawing. Here is what I do. I do a dirty thumbnail, I scan it into the computer, I clean-up the thumbnail in p-shop THEN I lighten it almost till you can't see the drawing any more and print that badboy on strathmore 500 bristol (I tint it to the cyan.) Then I do my final ballpoint on top of that. I will try to do a post about it today.

  2. Great.. thanks Scott. Appreciate that, helps to still be working on your original piece as it were printed out very lightly.. I am not too clued up on different surfaces, and how I would print on anything as firm as a 'board' I am yet to figure out.. do you have your own printer? I went to my local printing place to inquire about printing on 240gsm watercolour paper and they needed me to bring them a sample of it to see, which I havent yet done. . I must try to source a good stationary outlet, but you know, not sure there is anything like that around, so possibly online would be my best bet.. Thanks again and keep it rolling. Enjoying it!