Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wreck-it Ralph, Self portrait and some doodlin!

Wreck-it Ralph was so great I came home from the theater and draw a pic of him immediately. Even if you  don't have kids, if you were kicking it in the 80's you HAVE to see this flick! Bravo to all involved.

Then I guess it was national Self portrait day according to all my FB art friends. I was a day late but did a drawing of myself, (which my wife thinks looks like a combo of me and Greg Manchess. Who is a handsome devil, so I will take that!) I actually did two, first one by looking in a mirror, which sucked in the end, so I drew this one by referencing that one and stylizing it more. My friends say to draw in a cigar and call me Castro. (Note the stache does this, 'happy one side/ sad the other side' thing all the time.

Here is another little head for no reason.

And finally a drawing loosely based on artist friend Bruce Jensen's FB profile pic. But, while a fun drawing in and of itself, I could have done better on the likeness!

That is all for now folks, pick up a pencil and DRAW SOMETHING!

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