Friday, November 9, 2012

Nate Silver drawing

I had-had-had to draw Nate Silver. I love this guy. Like many artists, I was considered a total nerd in middle school, to the point that when it was Girls-chase-Boys Day on the playground, literally one girl stopped me cold and shouted in my face "We're not chasing you dummy." (In reality they were chasing 'Greg' with the feathered hair. Greg, the one cool guy would let me loiter in his shadow. I was just running along for exercise I guess...)

I stink at math so it makes little sense, but after the pundits attacked Nate's blog, I felt this total self vindication on election day- when he nailed it! Like many I had his electoral map open to check every time a state went red or blue. Nate is about as cool as it gets to me.

Anyway, GO NATE!! And Go MATH!

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