Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sketch book action- Brush Pen

Takin' a breather from all the ball point drawing and grabbed one of those super sweet Japanese Brush pens! I'd tell you the name, but it is top secret! Actually, I don't know the name. I just stumbled on it walking around Pearl paint one day. And there is almost ZERO English on it, so I am not sure what it is called. But I will sure need to know when it is time to buy refills!

LOVE love love this pen. The line gets so darn thin, then wham you are into the thick. My only wish was that it was waterproof, alas, prolly wouldn't be so smooth if it was.

Also did this little 'goodbye to summer' illo with it. Tried something I've been itching to do. After I sealed this ink drawing with Crystal Clear, I did oil-paint washes on top of it. I think there is something here. Must do more!

And here is the pen itself so you can hunt one down! That's all for now folks!


  1. Hello Scott,
    That looks like a sweet pen. I think the effect of the oil on top of the sealed ink is very promising. Just a thought if you want to have a more permanent inking solution. I use 2 different pens, the Pentel Color Brush pen refilled with India ink and the Pentel Pocket Brush pen. The Pocket Brush pen is my favorite, you can really get a smooth thin line. Annnd it's been made available more readily. When my wife bought me one about 5 years ago, she had to go through an importer and it was like $30. Now I can find it at any art store for $13. Anyways, have you tried that brush pen? The ink is pretty water resistant. I use the pocket pen for details and my refilled "color" brush pen for the bigger areas because it's a bigger brush. If you haven't tried either, mostly the pocket brush pen, you should.

    The pen that you showed looks really awesome though, like it has a lot of good "bounce" to the bristles. And from the looks of your sketchbook handles really well. The bristles look like the might be a little longer the the pocket brush pen, which might give you better control. I think I am going to have to track on of these down and do a comparison of the two. Thanks for the fun post!

    1. Hi there,

      I just got a pentel color and want to fill it with india ink. Do you need to dilute your ink or use it all in one go to prevent a crusty brush?
      I'd rather not ruin my first brush pen :1


    I think this might be the same pen, found it on Amazon.