Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scary School 2 "Monsters on the March" RELEASE DAY

Woo-hoo! Happy Scary School 2- Monsters on the March release day!

When I first got offered to illustrate the Scary School series, I read the first few chapters of book one and laughed out loud! It was a no brainer for me to jump fangs first into this series. Anything that taps into the little boy inside me who grew up on Scooby-Doo is a must-do for me.

The author , Derek the Ghost (aka Derek Taylor Kent) tapped into everything I loved as a kid. )And based on reviews for book one, everything boys love today too.) 
Dragons, zombies, talking tarantulas, mummies, it 
is all in there. And it has been a pleasure to draw this book. Thanks Derek!

The cover is ballpoint pen and acryla-gouache with a bit of digital polish at the end. The inside has 50+ ballpoint pen drawings on Strathmore 500!
(My weapon of choice was a Parker ballpoint.)

Book one was also just released in paperback for $5.99.
Great for Summer reading on those long road trips!




  1. Great stuff here, Scott.Love the cover and the interiors. SO fun! Must track down this book. Question: Do you pop the saturation on the cover because they request it or because you prefer it that way?

  2. Thanks Kim! Heh, they popped the saturation on the cover for print not I. Little further than I would have pushed it, but it does pop when it is in your hands!