Saturday, June 23, 2012

IMC Sketching

I had an amazing time teaching at the Illustration Master Class 
last week in Amherst, MA.

One of the good habits I picked up at the IMC this year was to draw again. But I mean to draw for no reason. It seems the last few years I am mostly drawing for something specific. Be it a cover, or a kids book idea or whatever. There is an end-game in mind. I forget to let all the randomness in my head out sometimes.

This is all straight ballpoint. On one of the pages I used the mythical James Jean pen. (The SKB SB-1000 ballpoint.) Which is quite a nice pen. Thin .5mm that feels cheap, but has a beautiful line and tonal range. It will get blobby at the tip though. So be ready to wipe it off from time to time.

And then the James Jean pen imploded on me. (Leaking on the inside) Ahhh well, I will have to track down some more. They're worth the risk.

The IMC provides a sketchbook for you to take notes in, draw, and pass around like a yearbook at the end of the week. They are pretty neat because they are gold leafed with a drawing from the guest artist of the year. In this case Brom laid down some line to go on the cover. 

Some of my sketchy fun:


  1. Love these sketches, Scott. You need to compile them for a book and sell them. I just got onboard the Pen vs Pencil sketch train in hopes it will improve my line quality. Just got a box of the SKB pens. So far I really like how they feel on paper.

  2. You are right Kim! I think I will have to make a sketchbook.
    I was just getting into the SKB when it exploded. I traded someone my beloved Parker retractable that I drew much of Scary School 2 with.

    I was told SKB made a bigger pen than the .5mm, I need that too!